Looking For Washing Machine Repair Services in Calgary?

Are you looking for washing machine repair services in Calgary? What should you look for in an appliance repair shop?




Do the company’s repair technicians come when they say they will? Or do they give you a four hour window in the morning and show up after one in the afternoon? Another factor to consider is honesty. You don’t want to hire a repair service that replaces every part that could be the cause of the problem instead of repairing the root cause. If they determine the problem is an overloaded circuit for the laundry room and solve it by plugging in the dryer in another outlet instead of simply billing you for resetting the breaker and clearing the errors on the control board, it is worth paying more for someone who repairs the problem for good.




Before you assume that you want to hire the washing machine repair Calgary service with the lowest price, take quality into account. Do they fix most problems in one visit or do they require multiple visits to fix the problem? A low cost per visit is irrelevant if they require several trips to resolve the problem. Do they use brand new or quality refurbished parts for repairs? Nor do you want a tech who charges you for clothes washer repair when the real problem is a failing hot water heater, clogged drain or other problem that will result in future service calls.




You want to work with an appliance repair service that knows how to repair your type of washing machine. This isn’t a problem if you own a Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, LG or Samsung washing machine but could be a problem if you own a Daewoo, Indesit or Beko brand. Another factor is the type of washing machine or dryer. Not everyone has the expertise for gas heated clothes dryer repair, combination washer/dryers or the new clothes washers with a small sink on the top of the washer.




Price is still a factor to consider when shopping for an appliance repair service. Remember to take the entire price into account. Someone with a low fee to come over and diagnose the problem may make up for it in higher prices for the actual repair job or repeat visits. Some appliance repair services are based out of stores that sell new appliances, too, and you risk getting advice to replace the clothes washer when it is repairable because the repairperson receives a commission on the sale. In that case, you’re paying the sales person to come to your home and give you the sales pitch.

What are their trip charges? What do they charge for the parts you need replaced? And how much do they charge for labor? When you researched the company regarding its reputation, you should have already weeded out companies with a reputation for dawdling or intentionally billing people for travel time already covered by a trip charge so you don’t select a company with a low hourly labor rate that compensates by taking far too long.

Nor do you want to use someone who is very cheap but isn’t licensed, insured or experienced. You don’t want someone to fix a gas heated dryer incorrectly and risk burning down your house or repairing a leaking clothes washer and potentially flooding the basement. You should be willing to pay a little more for a written guarantee on the work the repair person does and warranty on the parts in case they fail.

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